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Don’t Miss Homemade Pizza Bagel Recipe

    Don't Miss Homemade Pizza Bagel Recipe

    Don’t Miss Homemade Pizza Bagel Recipe: In this variation, pizza toppings are assembled atop bagels rather than pizza crust, as suggested by the name. Nicely crunchy around the rims, bagels have a chewy center. It’s a pizza box that holds up well and tastes well.

    Moreover, it is designed to be held in the hand. There’s no need to cut it. In moderation, you can put just about every pizza topping on a bagel. Adding too many toppings will make them unmanageable. A well-prepared bagel pizza will have toasty undersides, crisp edges, and a soft, chewy center.

    Easy Recipe, Easy Tips about Homemade Pizza Bagel

    • There are certain special techniques for creating delicious bagel pizzas.
    • To begin, there is no requirement for expensive specialty bagels. You can use plain bagels from the store if you like. Bagels from the neighborhood deli should be put aside for a lox brunch.
    • Don’t drown the bagels in sauce. One tablespoon each slice is a good starting point. Add too much sauce, and it will become soggy.
    • Mini pepperonis are a lot of fun since they are the perfect size for a bagel. If you can’t find mini pepperoni, quarter regular ones.

    Use Any Savory Bagel

    Any variety of bagel will do. A bagel with garlic, poppy seeds, or sesame seeds is ideal. Since we plan on using other salty components, a salted bagel might be overkill. You should probably avoid eating sweet bagels.

    Homemade Pizza Bagel

    • PREP TIME – 5 mins
    • COOK TIME – 15 mins
    • TOTAL TIME – 20 mins
    • SERVINGS – 4 servings
    • YIELD – 8 pizza bagels

    Ingredients Homemade Pizza Bagel

    • regular-sized bagels, 
    • cut in half 12 cup pizza sauce (commercial or homemade)ounces of mozzarella cheese, 
    • shredded Mini pepperoni pizzas, 
    • ounces Topping with dried basil

    Method of Homemade Pizza Bagel

    1. Preheat the oven to 400˚F

    2. Assemble the pizza bagels:

    Spread 1 tablespoon of pizza sauce on both halves of the bagel. Sprinkle about a quarter of an ounce of cheese and a few little pepperonis on top of each bagel, or divide the cheese and pepperonis evenly between the bagels.
    Spread this on both halves of your bagel. You need 8 of them. Dry basil should be sprinkled lightly over each pizza bagel.

    3. Bake the pizza bagels:

    Put them in the oven for 8 to 10 minutes, or until the bagels are golden and the cheese is melted and bubbling. Have them ready hot. Refrigerating leftovers for three to four days is fine. To reheat, cook in an oven at 350 degrees until hot.

    Homemade Pizza Sauce – Recipe

    Authentic Neapolitan pizza sauce is often made using canned San Marzano tomatoes and not much else. This sauce is a great example of the difference that employing only a few premium ingredients can make in a dish.
    The local grocery store is usually where I start looking for canned San Marzanos. Several labels are expanding their distribution, but my go-to is Bianco Di Napoli, co-founded by Chris Bianco of Pizzeria Bianco, winner of a James Beard Award for Outstanding Pizza.
    These tomatoes, cultivated in California, consistently score highly in blind taste tests and are highly prized by chefs. You can get them at Whole Foods, other specialist stores, or on the internet. Don’t let the absence of San Marzanos from your supermarket prevent you from making this sauce.
    The recipe calls for San Marzano tomatoes, but you may substitute any canned Italian plum tomato puree in its place. A lovely harmony of acidity and sweetness characterizes the flavor. Totally delicious tomatoes.

    Make the Sauce Your Own

    Marinara sauce (tomato, oregano, and garlic) and margherita sauce (tomato, basil, and olive oil) are two of the most iconic red sauces in the history of Neapolitan pizza, and I like to think that the following red sauce does justice to both.
    I’ve been making this recipe, which is a spin on Marcella Hazan’s Tomato Sauce, for years, and it’s foolproof. Really, there’s no cutting involved at all! Crushed San Marzano tomatoes, chopped onion, smashed garlic, dried basil, oregano, kosher salt, and crushed red pepper flakes are briefly cooked with other seasonings.
    To finish off the sauce, I like to whisk in a few drops of high-quality extra-virgin olive oil. This concludes the discussion. Once you have the fundamentals down, feel free to experiment with various combinations of herbs, spices, and other ingredients.
    • An extract of fennel
    • Marjoram, dried
    • Leftover Rind of Parmesan
    So that the pizza crust can get crisp while cooking, I don’t use a lot of sauce—usually only about 1/4 cup for a 10-inch pizza. The sauce from this recipe makes around 3 cups, which is enough for roughly 12 pizzas. Extra sauce can be added if desired.
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