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Italian Cured Meats

Selection from our Salumeria include P.D.O Parma Ham from Langhirano (PR), crafted using old artisan methods which allow a slow curing approach governed by the moon phases. Our selected cured hams range from 24 to 48 months.

Culatello Di Zibello from the slow food farm Bre Del Gallo has become an icon in our stocklist; and so has the artisan family Lovison, established in 1903, offering a wide selection of free range pork products, exclusively from breeders carefully selected in the Friuli Venezia Giulia.

You would certainly enjoy authentic Speck PGI from Alto Adige and a vast selection of other cured meats to suit your  deli counter.

The cultural identity of Sardinia's fish larder is represented by the traditional smoking of the local fish and roe. “Bottarga” has an ancient background in Sardinian history: 3000 years ago the Phoenicians brought it to the island. It was only when the Arabs stepped in that the whole world had the opportunity to discover the goodness of these amber bars. This is how the roe finally took its name: from Arabic “battarikh”, meaning salted fish eggs.
Soon the mullet became a prized fish, enough to be used as a royal gift, a fish for special occasions.


Amongst our selection of fish products you will find premium Tuna, Swordfish and Octopus delicacies, all steamed or smoked over aromatic woods as the tradition demands.

Regional Cheeses

We make sure that all our cheese products are ripened with extreme and careful craftsmanship, and all stages of the processing are carried out in accordance with the health and hygiene standards issued by the EEC, and are subject to a set of rigorous checks to guarantee the absolute safety and freshness.


Must try: the king of our cheeses! P.D.O Parmesan Vacche Rosse is obtained only with the milk of the ancient breed of Reggio Emilia, known as “red cows” for their physical features. These cows are free range and of protected origin and while they produce less milk than other breeds, it is more nutrient dense. Red Cows Parmesan, aged for 24, 36 or 48 months, is highly digestible and indicated for children, elderly and athletes.

Jams and Spreads

A choice which relies strongly on a unique artisan supplier located between Brescia and Cremona: Andrea Andrini runs a family business since 1937 with full respect to values and traditions. 

The success of Adrini's quince production lies in the 18th century recipe from North Italy which he will hardly disclose, however the uniqueness of the product is tested and guaranteed by our customers.


Amongst the various quinces selection, Andrini prepares inventive mustards and chutneys made with carefully selected vegetables and fruits, slowly cooked according to the traditional recipe.

Perfect for accompanying cheese boards, boiled and cooked meats and a heavenly choice for pastry bakers.

Artisan Vinegars

Balsamic vinegar is a speciality of the Emilia Romagna region, and San Giacomo Acetaia is one of the finest producers. We stock several of their products. The grape must is cooked longer and slower than the standards procedures, thus maintaining a low residual sugar content and allowing the full complexity of flavour to come through in the vinegar.

Our friend Andrea Bezecchi is a perfectionist. We admire his commitment and natural talent in trying to combine inventiveness and tradition. He created the unique product named “Balsamela” by substituting apples for grapes and applying the same production techniques used during the 25 years of fermentation of the balsamic vinegar.

Oils and Olive Products

We know how hard it is to find extra virgin olive oil on the market from guaranteed 100% Italian olives, and we encourage preservation of the secular olive trees and tradition with our selection from Umbria and Apulia regions, available also in unique, aromatised variations.


Bella di Cerignola from Ficacci is an olive with a strong argument: traditionally from the Apulia region, harvested typically during the month of October, the olives grow to a rather huge size, in some cases reaching 18gr of weight. Cerignola, with their typical plum shape, are one of the most successful and popular table olives around the world, notably suitable for aperitifs or associated with cheese appetisers.



Carnaroli Gran Riserva is a rice that ages unthreatened for one year; this ageing process was already known and extensively used in ancient times. After drying rice still has to acquire all its top-quality characteristics: when aged and stored with care, it greatly increases in size and this reduces the dispersion of starch and minerals during the cooking phase. The grains of Carnaroli Gran Riserva do not stick during preparation, they keep their shape and resist over-cooking.


The Artemide variety derives from the combination of Venus rice (medium grain and black pericarp) and Indica rice (long, narrow grain and white pericarp). It is a whole, aromatic rice that is black in color. Artemide rice has an intense and pleasant aroma and its grains have a nice elongated shape. Given its close relationship to Venus rice, it is rich in iron and silicon – with silicon being very important for its antioxidant properties.

Fresh and Dry Pasta

Our range of dry pasta aims to preserve the tradition from Gragnano (Naples) : drawn with artisan bronze moulds, made with durum wheat flour and hand mixed daily and slowly, with spring water; slowly dried from 18 to 48 hours at a low temperature as the masters taught.


For the selection of fresh pasta, we rely instead on a team of dedicated pasta makers, who pay respect to a choice of fresh ingredients and handmade tradition. We offer a wide selection of freshly made pasta, gnocchi, and ravioli with several fillings available upon request.


Bakery Products

Amongst our bakery selection we pride ourselves of the Pane Carasau, a typical Sardinian bread of Barbagia and produced though the island, known by the Italians as "music paper" (lit: carta da musica) due for its crispness, which makes it noisy when chewing.

The ingredients used for the Carasau  bread are simple and natural, so is the producer’s choice of durum wheat flour. The recipe is very ancient and was conceived for shepherds, who used to stay far from home for several months.


Other products in stock include a range from the artisan Mario Fongo, offering refined natural bakery and pastry selection. Other top quality, essential ingredients for creative bakers such as chestnut and gram flours.

Deli's Corner

Luigi La rocca, native of Liguria, founded the first firm merchandising olive oil preserves in 1870, allowing us to draw from a range of products that find their reliability trough centuries of experimentation and evaluation. Our ancients, not being able to preserve chilled or frozen food products, had developed a conservation process which allowed them to consume in the winter season the fruits of summer harvest without losing their integrity and quality of taste.


The products respect all values of the artisan tradition, without any type of preservative and of limited production, coherently with a mission that aimed exclusively for quality and taste.

Pulses and Grains

La Valletta farm was founded in the mid-eighties of the 20h Century in Umbria.  Well-known for the naturalness of its products and to the thirty years’ experience which led it to boast over 150 hectares today, La Valletta is currently one of the major leaders in the production, selection and marketing of pulses and grains in the Mediterranean area. Among the selection we have emphasised the lentils, grown on the Colfiorito plateaus, which are distinguished by their variegated color and soft skin.


The cereals are also excellent source for wellbeing: from the “Farro Perlato” or emmer wheat, grown since 5000 b.C. and rich in protein, vitamins and amino acids, to the pearled barley, known for its beneficial properties  and rich in carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

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