3 Leo Spirit Animals

1. Hummingbird Spirit Animal

Leos are incredibly loving, devoted, and playful. It follows that their animal spirit animal will replicate these characteristics.

The fact that both Leos and this animal are territorial and protective is another resemblance between them. Because they represent the Alpha archetype

Leos aggressively defend their relationships with their loved ones, friends, and family.

2. Bear Spirit Animal

According to legend, this spirit animal stands for confidence, boldness, courage, and protection. 

Those who receive guidance from this spirit animal are regarded as fortunate. a phrase that is frequently used to describe fire signs, particularly Leos, who seductively draw the most attention.

3. Peacock Spirit Animal

The amazement that a peacock instills in onlookers with its stunning colors and display of feathers is a reflection of how Leos make people feel. 

Due to how they captivate audiences, both are complementary to one another in this respect.

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