4 Zodiac Signs That Struggle with Rejection

1. Cancer: The Fear of Emotional Abandonment

People with cancer are highly emotional and value close relationships. Because rejection plays on their anxiety of being emotionally abandoned, they fear rejection.

 Relationships take up a lot of energy and emotion for cancers, so any rejection can feel like a personal jab. 

2. Leo: The Need for Validation and Recognition

People with Leo personalities crave affirmation and attention. They are afraid of rejection because it contradicts their need for adoration and respect.

Leos have a great need to be noticed and appreciated, thus any rejection can be emotionally devastating to them.

3. Scorpio: The Fear of Vulnerability

Scorpio people are extremely passionate and value close, strong emotional relationships. They are afraid of being rejected since it makes them appear weak. 

Scorpios carefully shield their feelings, and any rejection may make them feel vulnerable and helpless. 

4. Pisces: The Fear of Being Misunderstood

Pisces are very sensitive and empathic. They are afraid of rejection because it makes them more worried about being misunderstood. 

Because of their intense need for emotional connection, Pisces are sensitive to rejection and criticism.

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