Top 4 Zodiac signs that value friendship over love


Friendships are something that Aries people typically put a lot of effort into. 

Although they may not have time for romantic connections due to their hectic schedules, they will always make time for their friends. 


They always have lifelong, intimate relationships with people that they give just as much to as they receive. They have close relationships with their friends and will do anything for them. 

For them, love may be an attraction, whereas friendship is an emotion. They feel safer with their BFF than with their boyfriend.


Sagittarius friends are fiercely devoted, but they won't hesitate to criticize you or point out areas where they believe you can do better.

Because they are not good at long-term love connections, they usually focus their time in enduring friendships.


Because they are generally willing to try anything, especially in groups, and because they enjoy being around people all the time, Libras make good friends. 

Not very good at romantic relationships; for them, friendship comes first and love comes second. These males prefer to form solid friendships above romantic relationships because they are afraid of being wounded in partnerships.

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