9 wounded in Denver shooting near Nuggets' Ball Arena as fans celebrated, police say

As the festivities for the Denver Nuggets' first NBA title were coming to a close, nine individuals were shot and injured early on Tuesday morning near the Ball Arena of the franchise, according to police.

Police revealed that one of the two guys who was detained in connection with the incident also had a gunshot wound.

Denver Police Commander Matt Clark said nine males and a woman were shot during the incident in a press conference held late Tuesday morning.

The 22-year-old suspect Ricardo Miquel Vazquez, who was detained on suspicion of drug and firearm possession by a past offender, was one of the injured. 

According to Clark, it's likely that some of the other victims of the shooting were also shot.

While Clark acknowledged that several of the perpetrators had been hit by bullets, she also noted that several nearby innocent bystanders had also been hit.

Investigators, according to Denver Police Chief Ron Thomas, have a strong suspicion that five or six injured victims were "completely innocent bystanders."

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