Emerald: Taurus's Birthstones

Emerald is a stone signifying plenty, love, and wisdom in terms of symbolism. It also represents nurture, serenity, optimism, healing, and progress.

Taurus places a high priority on several of these factors. Being an earth sign, Taureans are drawn to the outdoors and the natural world.

As a result, emerald in many ways symbolizes who and what Taurus wants. Because of this, emerald is a superb gemstone for Taurus.

Emerald was Cleopatra's preferred gemstone in Roman Egypt. The Egyptian queen allegedly wore emerald jewelry and decorated with the gemstone.

Foreign diplomats received gifts of locally mined emeralds as a token of appreciation.

The beryl variation emerald is. Aquamarine and morganite are two other prominent gems that belong to the beryl family.

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