Gemini’s Tarot Cards Love: Eight of Swords

Gemini shouldn't feel constrained in love, according to The Eight of Swords.

The love flame can fade away rapidly when a person starts to feel like they are being imprisoned by their significant other.

Remember that the Gemini sign is not one that enjoys being told what to do, so it only works if they agree to do anything.

If Gemini feels that they are being hushed, The Eight of Swords foretells that they will have a miserable love life.

The talkative sign is probably Gemini. Two personas share one mouth and are housed in the body of a Gemini person.

They also want to be heard when they speak. They detest conversing with the air, despite being an air sign.

They hate partners who don't listen to them because of this. They require the freedom of thought and expression to express themselves whenever they wish.

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