Zodiac Signs Who Punish Future Lovers for Their Ex’s Mistakes


Capricorns are independent people who do not want to get caught up in the maze of emotional chaos. And as a result, they are unable to provide emotional stability to their relationship.

Due to their adventurous attitude and aspirations, Capricorns are also highly egocentric, which stops them from discussing their emotions and anxieties with their relationships. 


Despite being strange and rebellious, Aquarians use logic and reason to start understanding emotional issues.

 They can easily transfer their ex's emotional burden on their new spouse, which can lead to issues. Unfortunately, their sharp intellect only enable them to give logical solutions that put their partners' emotions at a remove.


Scorpios are ruled by intense, passionate emotions. They quickly develop relationships to other people, which typically brings on their insecure and envious attitudes.

They also won't freely express their emotions; instead, they will make fun of their partner. They can develop into people that are highly manipulative and cold-hearted, and they will do whatever to get you to make up for the suffering you have given them.


Cancerians typically have strong emotional, pragmatic, and willpower tendencies. 

Due to all of these reasons, people usually find themselves too busy to spend time with their significant other because of work and domestic responsibilities. 

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