How To practise Self Care As Per Your Zodiac Sign


If you continue to put all of your concentration into sending those emails, exhausting your emotional reserves,

or allowing your anxieties to drive you to work harder for just (endless) 5 more minutes, Aries, you won't remain number one for very long.


It's a good habit to strive to be the best, Taurus. However, there is a fine line between participating in competition and being obsessed with it.

We think you already know how frequently the latter is a possibility with you. Taurus, the only competition you should be in is with yourself. 


Your thoughts will be preoccupied with the fear of failing eternally. What's important to consider here is how many things it has prevented you from doing to this day.

The statistics are dismal, right? Fortunately, you can alter that. Do you want to stay with them for a little while more? Be still. Would you like a day off? Grab it.

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