Leo Weekly Horoscope, June 19–25, 2023

This week, you might suffer a financial loss. Your ability to defeat rivals at work will increase. Your faith in God will increase. You'll lead a contented family life.

You might be worried about your siblings. Respect will rise in the workplace and in business this week. You will get along well with people who are in positions of power.

Positive results will come from travel-related activities. The time spent with family members will be joyful, and they will be ready to offer any help they can.

You will have problems with your stomach. Any person is capable of some form of deceit or treachery. Your selfless character will provide you peace and contentment.

You can encounter problems if you let your company decline. You'll have a really lucky week this week, and good news will come to you from all sides.

Establishing connections with powerful people will be accomplished. Business will prosper, but you'll feel stressed out because of the increased workload.

Family gatherings that are fortunate will make you happy. Your marriage will be happy, but because of your outspoken temperament, there may occasionally be arguments.

It is possible to develop connections with political figures. The company's earnings status as of this week. You'll hear good news and experience great luck.

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