Taurus’s Tarot Cards Career: Knight of Swords

Taurus's function and actions at work are represented by the Knight of Swords.

Like the deft Knight of the Swords, Taurus are assured of their expertise in their specialty.

Taurus is aware of their diligence, according to the Knight of Swords. When in top form, a Taurus is capable of anything and advances swiftly in their work.

Life is not always rosy. The Knight of Swords suggests that Taurus may develop into a very combative sign in a poisonous workplace, which could ultimately make matters worse.

Inversely, Taurus signs who lack the will to excel at work may also succumb to lethargy. 

This is similar to a knight who becomes disinterested in fighting because the lord they serve has been devilishly perverted.

Taurus should make prudent job and employer decisions, according to the implicit message of this card.

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