The Best Zodiac lovers in a Relationship


It should come as no surprise that Pisces, the hopeless love sign of the zodiac wheel, is leading the pack.

They have a sensitive outlook on life, and because of their keen emotional sensitivity, they don't hold back while expressing their affection.


A Scorpio has the ability to carry you away in a passionate tornado of romance if you are willing to relinquish control.

No sob tales about 'the one that got away to see here'; once a Scorpio has someone in their sights, they go on the offensive.


A Capricorn will find other ways to make you feel loved and appreciated even though they are not overly expressive with their emotions.

They don't like to rush things, so be prepared for a slow, intense voyage that will make you feel everything. 


A Virgo expresses their feelings of love by deeds of service. Instead of being overly flirtatious,

you'll find that they pay close attention to even the smallest of your needs and sentiments and aren't afraid to allow you take the initiative. 


A Libran will not come right out and tell you that they like you, but they will spend an additional hour getting ready in the morning just in case they happen to run into you in the office elevator.

This is because flirting comes naturally and intuitively to this sign, which is ruled by Venus.

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