The Most Honest zodiac signs


The foundation of this earth sign is stability, even if it necessitates distorting the facts in order to avoid upsetting the apple cart.

Due to their innate dislike of fighting, Taureans are the first to apologize after a battle, even if they are secretly miffed with you for missing their mutinous silences earlier.


Gemini is represented by the twins and is known for having two different personalities. 

Try not to take it personally if they leave your party early to go to another rager across town; they may have the best of intentions but find their hearts tugging in other directions.


Cancers are intense and passionate people who often come off as distant to the outside world, but as you get to know them, their armor will begin to fall.

However, it could be useful to put the FBI task force on speed dial so they can decipher their monosyllabic letters until you get there.


This fire sign, represented by the lion, has no fears, not even getting caught at the grocery store after uploading a concert selfie.

Their philosophy towards the truth is "ask and you shall receive," and if you never thought to ask, they will have no problem withholding the information from you.

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