Top 3 Friendly Zodiac Signs

1. Sagittarius

This intrepid sign enjoys interacting with new people and prospers in their company. To expand their never-ending circle of pals, they frequent a variety of gatherings and clubs.

Usually, sags are the ones to strike up a discussion. If they are truly interested in you, they would compliment you rather than just say hi. 

They will soon draw you into an all-consuming discourse. The zodiac has a wide range of interests, thus they discuss everything under the sun.

2. Capricorn

Everyone gets along well with Caps. When meeting new people, persons born under this sign are typically very cool and collected since they are confident in their ability to charm anyone.

The goat also has a wonderful ability to listen and shows real interest in others. People are drawn to them as a result.

3. Leo

Every one of us has made many friends throughout the course of our lives, but we only occasionally manage to keep them. Life inevitably interferes.

However, not if Leo is a friend. Leo is the one friend who makes sure you stay in touch at all times. 

They will frequently call you to see how you are doing and will always manage to get in touch with you despite their busy schedules.

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