Top 3 Zodiac Signs That Make The Most Toxic Couples

1. Taurus and Aries

Two signs that are naturally quite contentious and stubborn are Aries and Taurus. Both signs are arrogant and will never come down from their pedestals to have an intelligent conversation.

If they argue, they will wait for the other to apologize first. If none of them does, it will result in a filthy argument that will be harmful to both parties. 

One of the most toxic sign combinations is Aries and Taurus because they have no communication skills.

2. Sagittarius and Taurus

These two star signs don't have much in common, hence their relationship will be fatal. Sags are all about adventure and festivities, whereas Taurus prefers to live a quiet, peaceful existence.

 Sags may be drawn to Taurus' promise of security in their lives, but they will eventually grow weary of living such a routine life. Taureans admire Sagittarians for their tenacity,

but they quickly grasp how difficult it is to calm the fire sign. Although opposites may attract, these pairings tend to be the most poisonous for the zodiac signs.

3. Virgo and Gemini

Although they get off to a wonderful start, Gemini and Virgo are among the zodiac signs that are incompatible. The two signs, however, have an immediate, unmistakable attraction that is difficult to ignore.

However, after the so-called honeymoon period is passed, the actual problems start. Gemini is a temperamental, erratic sign with an idealistic outlook on life. Practicality is more important to Virgo.

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