Top 4 Zodiac Signs Have a Polygamous Relationship


They tend to be pretty insecure and frequently think that the grass is always greener on the other side. 

This implies that even if you are content in your present marriage, you will eventually leave and persuade your spouse to utilize a dating app to meet new people so you can engage in polygamy.


These people frequently cannot cheat on their relationships, but because their sun sign requires continual social interaction, the oppressive aspect of monogamy may lead them to behave in this way.

Because they respect intelligence, they may be drawn to someone on their social media profile for a meaningful chat and subsequently commit adultery.


Even the courageous lion, who despises awkward confrontations, dread disagreement and trouble in marriages. They are frequently mistreated and left alone.

In order to chat about topics other than their marriage and receive additional validation, they might get in touch with old friends or meet someone new. Additionally, this may lead to a two-timing.

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