Top 4 Sagittarius Male Personality Traits

He Often Engages People in Lively Debates

Men born under the sign of Sagittarius are naturally good listeners. Whether you want to talk about your interests, hobbies, career goals, or just blow off some steam after a difficult day,

you can depend on a Sagittarius to be a good listener. He frequently needs someone to talk to and listen to, therefore he is usually willing to listen and start a lively discussion with you.

He Graciously Accepts Feedback

Sagittarius typically seeks a mate who will both complement and challenge their personality, despite their seeming self-assurance. 

When someone they care about encourages them to grow individually, they will be open to it. If he likes you, he will favorably consider your proposals. They have the chance to grow and succeed as people because of it.

He Is Optimistic

These guys are fundamentally good people. Friends will discover that they frequently discuss their optimism about things like job and health.

This man can be someone you like since he constantly has a positive outlook on the future.

He Takes a Long Time to Fall in Love

Sagittarius people are patient when it comes to relationships. When they are certain, they may not act immediately away, but they will.

Because they consider partnerships as huge responsibilities, Sagittarius prefers to take their time getting to know you. Be ready to woo a Sagittarius man for longer than usual before he admits his feelings!

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