Top 4 Most Rebellious Zodiac Signs

1. Aquarius

Aquarius absolutely had to be at the top of this list of Zodiac signs that are rebellious. It's almost as if rebel is their middle name.

If you are partnered with an Aquarius, you can never be in charge. They will make it clear from away that their way is the only way, as in "my way or the highway."

2. Aries

Nobody should be surprised that someone born under the fire sign always wants things to turn out exactly the way they envision them since they have a serious god complex.

Because they are not big on strategic preparation, people born under this impetuous zodiac sign tend to act on whims more often than not. Perhaps this explains why they come across to outsiders as more of a renegade. 

3. Sagittarius

Sags have a history of disobedience. Since they began to comprehend the world, they have come to realize how deeply dissatisfied they are with the way things are. 

People can easily follow the fire sign's lead or at the very least be motivated by them because they are natural born leaders. This disobedient zodiac sign is usually straightforward.

4. Taurus

The obstinate bull is as disobedient as one can get. The rebellious adventure of the star sign began while they were just teenagers, and they have never broken the habit

If everything does turn out exactly as Taurus has predicted, there will be hell to pay. Taureans have a very low threshold for fear. If they get into problems, it doesn't matter to them. 

5. Taurus

It might seem a little strange to see Libra on this list because they have such a gentle soul. However, I can assure you that Libra will always be that way.

They know exactly what they want and are not hesitant to go get it, even if it means picking some fights along the road.

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