Top 9 Memes to Perfectly Encapsulate Taurus Energy


 Taurus is Lazy. Taureans are known for being lethargic because of their desire to relax and sleep.


Taurus is a Wasteful Sign. Taureans have a tendency to overspend on items that make them feel good but are unnecessary.


Taurus Refuses to Admit Mistakes.. Taurus won't ever, ever admit they were wrong.


As a Homebody, Taurus. The homely sign of Taurus adores hugging. They don't enjoy big changes, and they feel best at ease in familiar surroundings.


Taurus Fights to Leave Its Comfort Zone. Taurus simply doesn't like to take chances or make unproven decisions.


Taurus Can't Let Go of Ex-Lover. A Taurus will frequently go back to the missing person. They have a hard time saying goodbye to a loved one.


Taurus Loves to Eat. One materialistic item that Tauruses have a propensity to adore is food.


Taurus values rest beyond all else.. Taurus, in a nutshell, loves to sleep. The entire day can be spent relaxing for a Taurus, and falling asleep is as natural to them as breathing.


Taurus will never forgive.. Taurus could harbor grudges until their demise! They are one of the signs in the zodiac that harbor grudges the longest.

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