Virgo Woman Personality

She is perceptive; her acute eyes, which resemble crystals, pick up on even the smallest information that other people miss.

She'll undoubtedly notice if there's even a single strand dangling on your shirt, and she might even ask you to take it off.

A Virgo woman simply exudes neatness and cleanliness. From her well pressed, wrinkle-free clothing to her spotless, efficiently managed home, everything was impeccable.

She is a perfectionist and firmly believes that how you dress affects how other people will likely see you.  

A Virgo female may have an outward appearance of being timid and unconfident, but they are likely to be watching for bombastic activities that are building in the background.

Since they are particularly skilled at fusing the two, these busy bees are fascinating to witness when it comes to serious business and artistic talents.

Miss Maiden is a preacher who also solves problems. Mercury, the Virgo sign's ruling planet, causes Virgo women to have a very curious intellect and an intensely inventive streak.

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