What makes you angry according to your zodiac sign


It shouldn't come as a surprise that you aren't one to sugarcoat your feelings as the forceful ram is your astrological sign.

Although your temper is easily sparked and can flare up in an instant, it is important to keep in mind that your natural bluntness may wind up hurting someone's feelings.


The first indication that you have upset a Taurus is when they become distant from you. 

If you don't realize this, you can receive the full silent treatment until you speak up and take responsibility for your alleged transgressions.


Geminis, the social butterfly of the zodiac, are all about the chat, which translates into what irritates you and how you handle it.

Your friends may avoid you because of your impulsive tantrums and emotional breakdowns, but this is how you deal with your emotions and process your feelings.


Your favorite method of communication is passive aggression, in contrast to some people who deal with their irritations aggressively.

 It helps to address your emotions as they arise because, if left uncontrolled, this might quickly develop into a tsunami of feelings over each microaggression that you have been suppressing inside of you.

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