Will You Be A Good Parent?

The Fool: Embracing the Adventure

The Fool card represents fresh starts and forging on into the unknown with an open mind. Being a parent is a journey with many unexpected turns.

The Fool serves as a gentle reminder to enjoy the trip, believe in your gut feelings, and have confidence in your capacity to develop as a parent.

The Empress: Nurturing and Unconditional Love

The Empress personifies nurturing and unrestricted love. This card represents your intrinsic capacity to give your child a loving and encouraging environment. 

Embrace the virtues of compassion, patience, and understanding and place your trust in your maternal or paternal instincts. 

The Magician: Balancing Skills and Resources

The Magician is a metaphor for your capacity to make the most of your abilities and resources.

You will encounter many difficulties as a parent, so you must be resourceful and adaptable.

The Hierophant: Embracing Tradition and Seeking Guidance

The Hierophant stands for knowledge, custom, and receiving advice from reliable sources.

Making choices as a parent frequently requires adhering to your principles and beliefs. 

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