Zodiac Signs Should Never be Trusted

1. Aries

The first sign on the zodiac wheel, Aries, has the courage to expose you, and those born under their sign are considered to be unreliable individuals.

Due to their intense focus on themselves and desire for quick advancement, Aries people often make false promises and may take advantage of your good intentions in order to advance quickly.

These people typically make promises out of pure altruism and disregard for reality, making it impossible for them to keep them.

2. Sagittarius

Sagittarians enjoy going with the flow and making promises while doing so, although they always have the best of intentions.

They intend to keep their word, but because of their impulsiveness, they become so preoccupied with other tasks or personal issues that they forget about their commitments and accidentally break them.

3. Libra

The popular perception of Librans is that they are people-pleasers. They can't let people down, so they make promises in an effort to keep others happy.

These people never mean by any of their profanities and don't give them much thought when they use them. They don't like being refused face-to-face, so they even make hazy promises to their loved ones.

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