Top 4 Zodiac signs that avoid confronting their feelings


Aries is quite good at controlling their emotions. They approach everything with assurance and grit, avoiding overthinking.

They would rather avoid face their true emotions in a relationship than talk about them because doing so could hurt them in the time.


Gemini is quite good at hiding their genuine emotions, and they typically show the side of themselves that is most appropriate for the situation.

To get over a relationship issue, they would distract themselves and refuse to accept their true feelings.


Virgo is one of the quieter, more somber zodiac signs. Virgos suppress their emotions out of concern for their safety.

They don't expose themselves to the possibility of being harmed by individuals they care about. When it comes to their interpersonal interactions, they are very restrained.


They are painfully embarrassed to show their emotions in public. In their relationship, they frequently exercise caution and restraint with their emotions. 

They simply prefer logical and practical information, even when dealing with people and their emotions. This does not mean that they are unconcerned.

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