Zodiac Signs Who Always Break their Promises

1. Capricorn

apricorn are quite self-centered. They end up drowning in the waves of empty promises because of this.

These aliens will only speak kindly to you if they expect anything in return. And after their goal has been achieved, they won't be able to keep their promises to you.

2. Scorpio

Scorpions are sensitive and emotional people who merely want to assist other living things. They constantly fill their plates as a result of this persona, which prevents them from keeping their promises to themselves.

3. Libra

The popular perception of Librans is that they are people-pleasers. They can't let people down, so they make promises in an effort to keep others happy.

These people never mean by any of their profanities and don't give them much thought when they use them. 

They don't like being refused face-to-face, so they even make hazy promises to their loved ones.

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